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insurance services and solutions

We offer the complete spectrum of insurance services to various industry verticals. Clients can count on our superior value enhancing services to handle their risk / insurance portfolio. Among the services we offer are – Insurance Solutions, Reinsurance Solutions, Risk Management and Claims Management.

  • We have a dedicated Client Servicing team that provides you with quality day to day service.
  • Monthly meetings at the client’s place.
  • We provide you with a Monthly Information Report containing details to keep you updated about your insurance policies.

Types of Insurance Policies

We provide insurance solutions to corporates and individuals to enable them manage their exposures successfully. We specialise in:

  • Property
  • Liability
  • Engineering
  • Marine
  • Aviation

Insurance Advisors in India

We provide reinsurance solutions to insurance, captive insurance and reinsurance companies to enable them manage their exposures successfully. Our services include:

  • Placement of all forms of facultative and treaty reinsurance both on an excess of loss and proportional basis.
  • Analysis of risk exposures.
  • Creation of tailored solutions.

Risk Management Services

We provide risk solutions to large corporate clients as well as identify risks, weigh the exposures and structure the Insurance Program in a way as to provide appropriate cover in the most favourable terms. Our services include:

  • Risk Indentification, elimination & retention studies
  • Designing & installing Risk Management Information Systems
  • Hazop studies and determination of PML / MPL

Claim Management Services We provide the following types of services:

  • Claims Review and Management
  • Arbitration Services and Legal Process of Claims